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Quality Management and Leadership in the New Abnormal

Updated: Jan 26

Going back to life in the world of January 2020 seems unrealistic. To strive and survive in this new abnormal, we must make a radical departure from our previous course. However, the last few months have demonstrated that several judgmental errors could cloud our decisions in response to the pandemic. These errors could come from the way we process internal or external information. As quality leaders, our decision-making processes and risk-based thinking are critical to provide reliable support and thereby help our organizations navigate their current challenges.

Furthermore, if there is one thing we have learned since the COVID-19 outbreak began and countries went into lockdown, it is that there is nothing more important than an adaptive workforce. However, such adaptation has posed many new risks and opportunities for quality professionals as agents for change and guardians of good governance.

In this article, Nancy Nouaimeh shares with you her personal experience and lessons learned from

dealing with the pandemic and what cognitive biases Nancy considered to keep an objective thought process while identifying her adaptive course of actions.

Please download the PDF to continue reading.

Quality Management Forum
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