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XcelliUm is the first
Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute in the Middle East & North Africa

We provide Shingo Workshops in
English, French and Arabic

Shingo Model

The Story

The Shingo Institute is named after Dr. Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving operational excellence. He has been described as an “engineering genius” who helped us understand the concepts, systems and techniques that, under his tutelage, became fundamental to the renowned Toyota Production System, sometimes referred to as the Toyota Business System. ​ In 1988, Utah State University recognized Dr. Shingo for his lifetime accomplishments with an honorary Doctorate in Business. That same year, the Shingo Prize was created to recognize operational excellence and to set a rigorous standard toward which organizations might aspire.  After years of assessing various organizations throughout the world, the Shingo Institute began to understand more clearly the difference between organizations that were successful in sustaining cultures of continuous improvement and those that were not. After much study and deep evaluation of the findings, the Shingo Model™ was developed.

The Shingo Model™

The basis for the Shingo Model™ is that certain principles are key to sustainable cultures of excellence and to creating ideal results. The Shingo Model™ illustrates the relationship between principles, systems, tools, and results. This clearly defined relationship better informs leaders such that they can more effectively focus their efforts. The Shingo Model™ is NOT another initiative or program to implement. Rather, it introduces guiding principles, or Shingo Guiding Principles, on which to anchor current initiatives. It informs a new way of thinking that creates the capability to consistently deliver ideal results to all stakeholders.

Shingo Model Guiding Principles

Shingo Model Excellence Guiding Principles

Entreprise Alignment

  • Create Value for the Customer

  • Create Consistency of Purpose

  • Think Systemically

Continuous Improvement​

  • Assure Quality at the Source

  • Improve Flow & Pull

  • Seek Perfection

  • Embrace Scientific Thinking

  • Focus on Process​

Cultural Enablers​

  • Respect Every Individual

  • Lead with Humility

Three Dimensions 
People, Process, Purpose

Three Excellence Dimensions
  • Enterprise Alignment

  • Customer-Focus

  • Systemic Thinking

  • Effective Systems and Tools 

  • Quality & Digital Transformation

  • Scientific Thinking & Innovation

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Excellence Leadership 

  • People-Centric Processes

  • Learning Organization 

  • Ideal People Behaviors

Happy Office Talk

The Ideal Behavior

The way people behave when they come to work has a direct impact on the bottom line of any organization. Successful organizations have systems that drive their culture ever closer to ideal behavior and ideal results. The desired outcome of aligning behaviors (the culture) with principles of operational excellence result in continuously improving quality, cost, delivery, customer satisfaction, morale, safety and environment, or in other words, value for the stakeholder. 






Shingo Transformative Workshops Series 


DISCOVER EXCELLENCE is the gateway to the other five workshops in the series. This foundational, two-day workshop introduces the Shingo Model™, the Shingo Guiding Principles, and the Three Insights to Organizational Excellence™. With active discussions and on-site learning at a host organization, this program is a highly interactive experience. It is designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable as you discover how to release the latent potential in an organization to achieve organizational excellence. It provides the basic understanding needed in all Shingo workshops; therefore, it is a prerequisite to all the other Shingo workshops. ​ As a participant, you will: - Learn and understand the Shingo Model™. - Discover the Three Insights to Organizational Excellence™. - Explore how the Shingo Guiding Principles inform ideal behaviors that ultimately lead to sustainable results. - Understand the behavioral assessment process through an interactive case study and on-site learning.


This two-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained in the Discover Excellence and Systems Design ** workshops. It takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Cultural Enablers dimension of the Shingo Guiding Principles: ​ - Respect Every Individual - Lead with Humility Cultural Enablers principles make it possible for people in an organization to engage in the transformation journey, progress in their understanding, and build a culture of organizational excellence. Organizational excellence cannot be achieved through top-down directives or piecemeal implementation of tools. It requires a widespread organizational commitment. The CULTURAL ENABLERS workshop will help you define ideal behaviors and the systems that drive those behaviors using behavioral benchmarks. ** DISCOVER EXCELLENCE and SYSTEMS DESIGN are prerequisites to this workshop.


This two-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained in the Discover Excellence and Systems Design ** workshops. It takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Enterprise Alignment dimension: - Think Systemically - Create Constancy of Purpose - Create Value for the Customer To succeed, organizations must develop management systems that align work and behaviors with principles and direction in ways that are simple, comprehensive, actionable, and standardized. Organizations must get results, and creating value for customers is ultimately accomplished through the effective alignment of every value stream in an organization. The ENTERPRISE ALIGNMENT workshop continues the discussion around defining ideal behaviors and the systems that drive them. ​ ** DISCOVER EXCELLENCE and SYSTEMS DESIGN are prerequisites to this workshop.


Shingo Alumni Pathway


This two-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained in the Discover Excellence ** workshop, and focuses on the Systems and Tools diamonds in the Shingo Model™. It begins by explaining that all work in an organization is the outcome of a system. Systems must be designed to create a specific end objective; otherwise, they evolve on their own. Systems drive the behavior of people, and variation in behavior leads to variation in results. Organizational excellence requires well designed systems to drive ideal behaviors that are required to produce sustainable results. In this workshop, you will: - Discover three types of essential systems. - Explore five required communication tools for each system. - Learn how to create and use system maps. - Understand system standard work and how it drives improvement. ** DISCOVER EXCELLENCE is a pre-requisite to this workshop.


This two-or three-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained in the Discover Excellence and Systems Design ** workshops. It begins by teaching you how to clearly define value through the eyes of your customers. It continues the discussion about ideal behaviors, fundamental purpose, and behavioral benchmarks and takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Continuous Improvement dimension: - Seek Perfection - Embrace Scientific Thinking - Focus on Process - Assure Quality at the Source - Improve Flow & Pull This workshop will deepen your understanding of the relationship between behaviors, systems, and principles, and how they drive results. ​ ** DISCOVER EXCELLENCE and SYSTEMS DESIGN are prerequisites to this workshop.


This two-day capstone workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to solidify the knowledge and experience gained from the previous five Shingo workshops. The BUILD EXCELLENCE ** workshop demonstrates the integrated execution of systems that drive behavior toward the ideal as informed by the principles in the Shingo Model™. The workshop helps to develop a structured approach to execute a cultural transformation. It builds upon a foundation of principles, using tools that already exist within many organizations. You will learn how to build systems that drive behavior that will consistently deliver desired results. ​ In this final Shingo workshop, you will: - Discover how the Shingo Model strengthens the execution of your strategy. - Learn how to shift your culture, guided by organizational purpose, to the next level. - Use Go & Observe to understand the practical application of the Shingo Model. - Accelerate your cultural transformation by applying the learnings gained from the Shingo Model into a PDCA cycle. **Prerequisites: DISCOVER EXCELLENCE, SYSTEMS DESIGN, and a minimum of one depth workshop (ie.: CULTURAL ENABLERS, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, and/or ENTERPRISE ALIGNMENT.  All six workshops in the series are required for Shingo Alumni recognition, concluding with BUILD EXCELLENCE.

Shingo Workshops

Our Workshops are delivered by a Shingo Alumni

Nancy Nouaimeh Shingo Alumni

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Host a Workshop
          Unleash Excellence            Showcase Your Commitment


An organization can demonstrate its high commitment towards Organization Excellence by hosting a Shingo workshop, either in a private format or a public one, virtual, hybrid or in-person. ​ For a PRIVATE workshop, a host is required to enroll a minimum of 12 participants. The list of students' names and email addresses must be provided to XcelliUm at least 2 weeks before the start of the workshop. The Host will receive a free seat for 1 attendee and a complementary 8 hours virtual gap analysis to survey its alignment with the Shingo Model Principles and its maturity on the Lean Journey. In addition to a report that outlines the roadmap for improvement. ​ For a PUBLIC workshop, a host will authorize people from outside its organization to attend the workshop in addition to its employees. The host will receive up to 3 free seats for attendees from his organization and could host overall 30 attendees if event is virtual/hybrid and up to 25 attendees if event is in-person. ​ In all formats virtual, hybrid and in-person, the host organization of public workshops, will have the possibility to provide an overview of its work to participants to help them understand the company, this also gives the host possibility to showcase the work done on Lean.

Advisory Services
For Each Step Of The Journey
 Learn, Assess, Plan, Execute

70% of improvement projects fail or don’t provide intended results. It is proven.

While new continuous improvement initiatives show improved performance initially, often results don’t sustain and a decline, lack of motivation, and engagement is observed with time. Why?

  • It is all because of the Culture in the organization. Culture is all about Ideal Behaviors. 

  • Sustainable results require a change of behaviors, at all levels, to engrave Excellence in the DNA of the organization.

This is how Shingo Prize Recipients, improve and sustain. Organizations in all sectors can adopt the Shingo Model.  

Organizations who used the Shingo Model achieved outstanding results in areas such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, diversity, safety, quality and operational capabilities and efficiency, waste reduction, social contribution, among others.

It is the transformation in the behaviors of people, at all levels Executives, Managers and Associates, that makes all the difference.

Shingo Journey Towards Excellence

Assessment & Readiness To Challenge

Shingo Prize and assessment tools are ideal for Organizations who want to test, demonstrate and get recognized for their Excellence maturity and sustainable results. 

Shingo Insight               Self-Assessment Tool

Shingo Insight is a simple, web-based, anonymous self-assessment tool that measures the satisfaction, engagement, and culture of the organization using the Shingo Model. This evaluation tools aims to help organizations improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing specific factors surrounding the ten guiding principles of the Shingo Model.

Shingo Onsite Assessment 

Conducted by Shingo Alumni and consultants, the third-party onsite assessment provides a tremendous value and a fresh eyes, looking at the systems in-place, the behaviors and culture, and the results. The benefits are many and its is highly recommended to start with this to draw a clear picture on the current or "As Is" status. What it brings: - Focus on both results (KPIs) and behaviors (KBIs)  - Focus on strategic objectives  - Focus on Systems and their supporting tools - The assessment raises a different set of questions from the routine assessments - The assessment leads to the identification and prioritization of the gaps - It is based on a validate findings and elimination of bias.

Excellence Assessment Methodology
Shingo Prize
Shingo Silver Medallion
Shingo Bronze Medallion
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