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Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of practices that make continuous improvement projects a success? Are you facing challenges in establishing a culture of collaboration among departments? Are you a leader who feels that his/her team has more potential than the results achieved? Do you like to learn from the experience of others?


Our Workshops are designed for you. We use the guiding principles of the Shingo Model and the teachings of Dr. Shigeo Shingo to help you and your team make a leap jump towards a culture focusing on excellence. This will help your team:

  • Enhance members' engagement and contribution to the team's objectives 

  • Work better together by removing silos and nurturing System Thinking

  • Understand what are the behaviors needed to be exhibited in your organization to facilitate the achievement of your objectives

  • Focus on reducing waste to enhance efficiency and productivity 

  • Design effective and integrated systems that will have a positive impact on overall performance and results

  • Improve innovation with experimentation and scientific thinking 

  • Establish a human-centric workplace

  • Get closer to Excellence, day after day, by having the right culture where continuous improvement is part of the daily routine of employees

Our half-day online interactive workshops are centered around accelerating excellence in organizations by developing:​

  • A robust continuous improvement process

  • A happy, engaged and aligned workforce

  • A learning organization 

  • A sustainable organization 


We use interactive online tools to engage attendees in meaningful discussions and provide them with a great learning experience. But that is not all!

Interested in attending two or more workshops?

If you are interested in registering to more than one workshop, contact us for more details on our discounted prices.

Interested in group workshops exclusive for your organization?

We offer group workshops and packaged workshops (virtual and in-person) for organizations. Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about this unique opportunity to customize the workshops to your needs and address your pain points. We focus on enhancing the value that organizations get from our workshops; as ambassadors of the Shingo Model, we walk the talk and "Create Value for our Customers".

Don't waste any more time wondering where to start and how to tackle your pain points. 

Explore our workshops!

Monthly Round Tables 3

Shingo Introductory Webinars

The Shingo Prize is based on a complete assessment of an organization’s culture and how well it drives world-class results. The most important step in using the Shingo Model and assessment methodology in an organization is to fully understand the Shingo Model. At first glance, the Shingo Model and Shingo Guiding Principles seem simple enough; however, deeper study will reveal insights of operational excellence that will revolutionize the way organizations view themselves, their transformation efforts, and current cultural reality. To this end, we highly recommend any organization using the Shingo Model or attempting to challenge for an award attend Shingo Workshops. 

Most organizations do not wait to challenge for the Shingo Prize until they are likely to achieve it. Rather, they use their challenge as part of their progression as a way to guide their journey of continuous improvement. Not all organizations are interested in challenging for an award; nonetheless, we invite all to use the Shingo Model and assessment methodology to help expose gaps and transform their culture. For those interested in challenging for an award there are three levels of recognition in place to encourage organizations to engage and leverage the Shingo Model as early as possible in their cultural transformation. 

Join our introductory webinars to know more about the Shingo Model and the Shingo Prize and Medallions.

Monthly Virtual Roundtables

                                                      "Develop a passion for LEARNING. If you do you will never cease to grow."

                                                                                                                                              _Anthony J. D'Angelo

The virtual roundtables discuss different topics of interest to our community. During these sessions, we will answer attendees’ questions and provide them with the opportunity to share their thoughts and practices.

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