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Shingo Model Executive Brief

High-level and strategic introduction to the Shingo Model

  • Short session online

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The Shingo Prize is based on a complete assessment of an organization’s culture and how well it drives world-class results. The most important step in using the Shingo Model and assessment methodology in an organization is to fully understand the Shingo Model. At first glance, the Shingo Model and Shingo Guiding Principles seem simple enough; however, deeper study will reveal insights of Operational Excellence that will revolutionize the way organizations view themselves, their transformation efforts, and current cultural reality. To this end, we highly recommend any organization using the Shingo Model or attempting to challenge for an award to understand the model, and start by introducing the Model to its Senior Management via the Executive Briefs or to its key managers by organizing in-house Discover Excellence Workshops.  ​ Most organizations do not wait to challenge for the Shingo Prize until they are likely to achieve it. Rather, they use their challenge as part of their progression, as a way to guide their journey of continuous improvement. Not all organizations are interested in challenging for an award; nonetheless, we invite all to use the Shingo Model and assessment methodology to help expose gaps and transform their culture. For those interested in challenging for an award there are three levels of recognition in place to encourage organizations to engage and leverage the Shingo Model as early as possible in their cultural transformation.  ​ Book a session to discuss how this Executive Brief can help you on your journey towards continuous improvement and excellence.

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Al Taweelah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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