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Leader Standard Work

LSW in lean management emphasizes tasks leaders must do to support organizational goals.

  • Onsite in-person or online

Service Description

Leader Standard Work (LSW), one of the elements of Lean Management, is the greatest lever for sustainable improvement. By learning how to implement a LSW System, your leaders will become enablers that encourage and facilitate improvements at all levels. The LSW System helps structure the daily routine activities and provide opportunities to accommodate continuous improvement activities. LSW leads to behavioral transformation that complement the existing technical expertise of leaders to enhance problem-solving and ultimately increase efficiency, productivity, and improve the continuous improvement process. During this interactive workshop, we use coaching techniques to assist in the LSW system efficient implementation. During the LSW workshop, tailor made to your needs, your organization leaders will: o Learn what is LSW, its benefits and success factors o Learn how to develop and implement a LSW system o Learn how to conduct efficient Gemba walk o Understand visual management and how to use visual devices The benefits from implementing Leader Standard Work at every organizational level. 1.Translate lean principles into unambiguous performance evaluation criteria . 2.Repeatable systems to focus on both:​ a-Results​ b-Process (that yields results) 3.Continuity of best practices even through the transition of lean leadership. 4.Enable all leaders to consistently yield good results. Who Should Attend: Professionals (managers, supervisors) seeking to implement LSW and enhance the standards delivery of tasks, activities and behaviors. Leader Standard Work workshop will provide guidance and expertise to ensure that leadership remains visible, supportive, and proactive in driving continuous improvement and achieving organizational objectives.

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Al Taweelah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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