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Culture Transformation and Excellence

A Thriving Culture by Design

Excellent organizations, while they differ in types and sizes, all have one thing in common: a culture that promotes positive behaviors. 


At XcelliUm, we make it our mission to bring Excellence models, and best practices that change mindsets, behaviors, and cultures to organizations.


The solutions we offer are geared towards ​​impactful changes and sustainable outcomes, using EMPACTS (A-PDCA) methodology and tailormade improvement plans.

The Culture Transformation and Excellence Consultancy services we provide include:

  • Organizational Excellence Maturity Assessment.

  • Implementation of the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence (Shingo Institute- Utah State University).

  • Organizing private Study Tours to international organizations based on your needs in collaboration with the Shingo Institute.

  • Implementation of the Organizational Excellence Framework (OES Canada).

  • Implementation of Change Management to ensure successful transformation.

  • Conducting in-house workshops to develop your team capabilities in Excellence.



Systems and Tools we can help you implement:

  • Integrated Management Systems Implementation in compliance with a range of ISO standards with a focus on efficient integration of systems and effectiveness in meeting the requirements.

  • Process Mapping / Value Stream Mapping.

  • Customer Journey Mapping.

  • Lean Management Implementation and Lean Tools (Kaizen, Kanban Boards, 5S)

  • Strategy Deployment using Hoshin Kanri.

  • Change Management.

  • Ideas/Suggestions Systems Management.

  • Knowledge Management.

  • Visual Management for workplace visuality.

 We will work with you to:

  • Build a sustainable foundation for excellence.

  • Build a culture that supports excellence.

  • Shift form a reactive approach of problem-solving to a proactive approach of continuous improvement.

  • Co-create value-driven solutions.

  • Enhance quality and productivity.

  • Become a high performing organization.

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