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Coaching for Excellence Leadership

Updated: Apr 3

It has been proven in recent years that “Learning Beats Knowing” in the new game of work, and effective and humble leaders are the ones who always find the time to learn new things and adapt their leadership style to remain relevant to their role, be open-minded to new developments in technology, people, and management practices.  


Building Excellence for these leaders is a conscientious choice, based on their belief in continuous improvement. Equipped with a growth mindset, they tend to be relaxed with seeking assessment of their skills via an external lens and seeking advice to find new ways to do things better. 


Lately, I have embarked on a new journey of being an Excellence Leadership Coach (ELC), building our own new model for helping individuals and organizations achieve higher performance and fill the gaps in leadership focus and practices that help them achieve better and more sustainable outcomes.  


So, for leaders who seek to make a change and a genuine difference and transformation, it starts with you! 


Here's a breakdown of the benefits Excellence Leadership Coaching will cover: 

  1. Leadership Development: Developing and refining leadership skills and competencies through a scientific approach, starting with an assessment of current skills, defining clear goals and objectives for their leadership development journey, and then creating actionable plans to achieve desired outcomes. This includes areas such as emotional intelligence, decision-making, conflict resolution, human-centricity, and strategic thinking. 

  2. Personalized Coaching: Personalized coaching sessions are provided and tailored to the specific needs and goals set for the leader. They offer support, guidance, and feedback to help navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and maximize leadership potential. 

  3. Leadership Culture and Organizational Development: As part of working with individual leaders, the approach takes an organizational approach by advising on ways to cultivate a culture of excellence in the organization to develop effective leadership pipelines, foster employee engagement, and drive business performance. 

  4. Excellence Principles and Models Alignment: To develop Excellence in Leadership, one cannot do that without a strategy to identify the areas of improvement and needs of the organizations to meet its strategic objectives. And what is better than using proven Excellence Principles and Models to align Leadership Development efforts? It is about blending soft skills, leadership competencies, and systems design to complement the roadmap for Excellence. The Leader aiming to make multifaceted improvement will be able to speed up any change by focusing on proper internal alignments. This is our unique approach to making a real transformation. 

  5. Continuous Learning and Growth: A proactive approach to continuous learning is also deployed to keep abreast of the latest research, trends, and best practices in leadership development to provide the most effective coaching strategies and techniques. Knowledge transfer is key to this. 


6. Have Fun in the process! It is mutual learning. 


Having piloted and tested this approach with a few clients, it has demonstrated that overall the excellence leadership coach, a trusted advisor and mentor, empowers leaders and organizations to achieve their full potential and excel in their leadership endeavors by combining expertise in leadership theory and practice with a focus on personalized, results-oriented coaching to drive meaningful and sustainable change. 

Nancy Nouaimeh

Culture Transformation and Organizational Excellence Expert



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