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Leadership Trends in 2024

Updated: Apr 1

Kotter's recent 2024 Outlook Survey Results

showcasing current and prevailing leadership trends across Europe. (Copied)

2024 Challenges

  • Roughly half of respondents identified internal improvements, such as operational model changes and new digital tools, as their primary challenge. Many expressed concerns about losing sight of the final business value or facing rollout challenges that test leadership commitment.

  • Just over a third of respondents cited lack of leadership alignment as a significant challenge. While the number is lower than expected, it remains a focal point for attention given its potential compounding effect on other challenges.

  • Three-quarters of respondents emphasized the critical nature of overcoming these challenges to achieve success in 2024. It's important to note that these issues typically require long-term efforts spanning months and quarters, underscoring the need for immediate action. But more than half of respondents reported a lack of necessary leadership alignment to meaningfully address these challenges, highlighting the importance of aligning leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate progress.

  • Over half of respondents expressed feeling unequipped as leaders to tackle these challenges, signaling a clear need for enhanced leadership support, whether through training, advisory services, or activation initiatives.

2024 Opportunities

  • Over half of respondents noted engagement from their organizations to address these challenges, suggesting readiness to support initiatives once leadership alignment and preparation barriers are overcome.

  • When asked about their ideal solutions, respondents overwhelmingly expressed a desire to improve leadership, recognizing its pivotal role in driving organizational progress. Enhancing efficiency also emerged as a priority, reflecting the need to streamline processes and embrace future-ready operational models.

These results emphasis the need to focus on leadership, alignment, operational model and efficiency.

Nancy Nouaimeh

Culture Transformation and Organizational Excellence Expert


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